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The accident management industry came into existence in the 1980s to address the problem of innocent motorists having to pay upfront for a replacement car after a collision, and wait weeks or even months to be reimbursed by the at-fault party’s insurer.

Most of the consumers assume that because they have paid insurance premiums regularly for an insurance policy so any such road traffic accident shall be taken care of and in their best interests by their insurance companies.

When an accident is your fault and want to have the repairs to your vehicle carried out, you may have to pay the insurance policy excess, and your no claims bonus history may be effected and see increased insurance premiums, to minimise your losses we may make a contribution towards your policy excess* if you bring your vehicle for repairs to us.

When an accident is not your fault why should you lose your no claims bonus and pay your excess, even though your Insurance company may recover the excess at a later period. If the accident was not your fault we will cover your full policy excess*, meaning you will not be out of pocket providing we repair your vehicle

So the question is, what to do in case of non fault Road Traffic Accident? you should choose GAS for like-for-like replacement vehicle, Recovery of the vehicle from the spot of accident and secure storage and repairs without paying a single penny from your pocket**

If you have been involved in an accident that was caused by somebody else in the last three years, you may be legally entitled to claim any financial losses such as earnings, damage to your vehicle, policy excess, car hire and any property damage.

We have a large fleet of vehicles available at short notice, highly professional staff and significant resources to entertain clients on time without any wastage of time. We have a large vehicle storage capacity, a large up-to date fleet of PCO Licensed vehicles available at short requests, Vehicle recovery around the clock, and highly trained and experienced professionals for processing claims.

We at GAS aspire to provide the best services which make clients feel at ease, for instance, supporting the customers with credit hire, recovery, storage, inspection, Loss of use days, credit repair, loss of earning etc which would be recovered from the fault party insurance with the utmost efforts, It does not make a difference what sort of vehicle you have or drive.

As a responsible accident management company, we have taken several initiatives to identify and discourage fraudulent cases from day one. We have a proper mechanisms to analyse a case before accepting a claim. 

We provide a high quality of services, can be tailored to each individual's requirements, reducing the stress following an accident. 


  • Claim Management

  • Replacement Credit Car Hire

  • Recovery of your Vehicle

  • Storage in our Secure Car Park

  • Vehicle Repair

* Limitations and maximum amounts apply

** Subject to credit and availability

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